Simulation Centre / Driver Training Programme

The Simulation Centre at Lovedale TVET College is devised to be:

(1) An on- site Curriculum Support.
(2) To assist our learners with Job-readiness Skills and thereby improving employability.

Skills crucial to employment include more than computer technology, filing and data entry. Capacity needed by today’s employers may include amongst other things, the ability to drive. Hence probably the partnership formed by Lovedale TVET College with the COEGA Development Corporation.

The usage of the Simulation Centre at Lovedale TVET College is as follows:

  • Practicum room.
  • Business Simulation.
  • Driver Training Centre.

Practicum Room:

  • Practical activities are an important component of all NCV programs, in fact, 60% most programs is practical work. Hence probably the introduction of Simulation Centres.
  • A simulated workplace is a place of learning where practical skills are developed and evaluated.

Business Simulation:

  • Business Simulation is used for business training, business acumen, analysis and development.
  • Learning objectives include: strategic thinking, financial analysis, market analysis, operations, teamwork and leadership.
  • The ultimate test of a business simulation is whether the students are making a connection between the simulation and real-life business decisions.

COEGA Driver Training Programme


  • The programme started by providing CDC interns the opportunity to obtain a Drivers Licence and to become more marketable in the job seekers market.
  • The Driving programme for CDC Interns was outsourced to various driving schools.
  • In 2008 the CDC introduced the driver outreach programme.
  • Aim of the Driver Training Programme for CDC:-
  • Affording unemployed youth who were not part of the CDC Internship Programme, the opportunity to improve their employability prospects.
  • In 2011/12, the CDC extended the programme to include unemployed graduates from all walks of life including the unemployed youth of the Eastern Cape. This later incorporated 2 groups e.i. domestic workers and persons with disabilities.
  • Our partnership with CDC allowed us to inherit such rich history and responsibility.
  • We train for driving not only our students, although our principals’ wish is for every Lovedalian to come out of the college with not only an academic qualification but also a driver’s licence as well. We also extended our driver training to unemployed youth in our province including domestic workers as well.

Accessing Criteria:

  • Unemployed student
  • Unemployed graduate
  • Unemployed youth (18 – 35)
  • Domestic Workers


  • There are no fees required to gain access or during the training period.
  • Candidates are only required to pay for the booking and issuing fees made at the traffic department

Simulation Centre Contact Details:

Miss Thembisa Zondani

Tel: 043 6040 784

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