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Lovedale TVET College Student Bursary Policy: DHET TVET College Bursary Scheme


The Department of Higher Education and Training makes DHET TVET College bursaries available to N1-N3, N4-N6 (NATED/Report 191) as well as NCV students. Bursaries do not have to be paid back once awarded.

In order to be eligible for to apply for the bursary the student must meet the following criteria:

a) Be a South African citizen
b) Must be registered or intending to register for an NCV or NATED/Report 191 course
c) Must be financially needy with academic potential
d) Evidence of good academic performance should be provided for all levels

Please note:

  • You may qualify to register without a deposit.
  • A means income test will apply.
  • All bursary applications are subject to approval.

The following information MUST accompany your application form:

a) One (1) certified copy of latest qualification(s)
b) National Certificate Vocational or Report 191 programme and level registered for
c) Personal details (including contact numbers, email addresses, etc.)
d) Three (3) certified copies of Identity Document
e) Applicant’s current home address and address while studying
f) Postal address
g) Salary and other income information of parent/guardian on whom student is dependent
h) Details of next of kin/family member (ID number, first names and surname, contact details and relationship to student
i) Certified copy of parent(s) and/or guardian’s Identity Document and contact details of parent/guardian

j) Residential address(es) of parent/guardian

k) Sworn affidavits from parents/guardian if they are unemployed

l) Death certificates if parents/guardians are deceased

m) Number of family members in household

n) Age and educational status of members of the household (e.g. complete primary; incomplete secondary; grade level if still in school; complete secondary; certificate; diploma; degree)

Please find DHET Guidlines attached in the link below.

2015 DHET TVET College Bursary Scheme Rules and Guidelines


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