Governance and Management

CEO, Mr SN Stofile


Annual Report 2011:  annual report lovedale new1 (2)

External Members of the College Council

  • Ms Fezeka Loliwe, Chairperson
  • Mr Mike Mnikina, Vice Chair; Infrastructure/Assets Committee Chairperson
  • Ms Nomvuyiso Stofile, Secretary/Learner Affairs
  • Mr Mike Wilson, Finance Committee Chairperson
  • Mr Vaughan Holmes, Human Resources Committee Chairperson
  • Vacant, Learner Affairs and Disciplinary Committee Chairperson

Internal Members of the College Council

  • Mr Walter Marala, Educator Representative
  • Ms Gertrude Ntlabati, Non-educator Representative
  • Mr Nceba Stofile, CEO
  • Ms Juanita Verster, Academic Board
  • Ms L Collins, Secretary



  • Mr Stofile, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms Verster, DD: Education Services
  • Ms Alexander, Academic Registrar
  • Ms Ndlazi, Student Counsellor
  • Mr Sihlahla, HoC: Alice Campus
  • Mr Dickson, HoC: King Campus
  • Mr Jacobs, HoC: Zwelitsha Campus
  • Mr Twum-Ampofu, Alice Campus: Deputy HoC
  • Ms Tom, King Campus: Deputy HoC
  • Mr Ohene-Anyang, Alice Campus:  Senior Lecturer
  • Ms Mgijima, Alice Campus: Lecturer
  • Mr Ndzombane, Alice Campus: HoD
  • Ms Ferreira, Alice Campus: Senior Lecturer
  • Ms Gunter, Alice Campus: HoD
  • Ms Sobetwa, Alice Campus: SRC Representative
  • Mr Booi, King Campus: NC(V) Management
  • Ms Dyantyi, King Campus: NC(V) Fin, Eco & Accounting
  • Ms Mohaila, King Campus: NC(V) Fundamentals
  • Ms Ngxwana, King Campus: NC(V) Office Administration
  • Mr Nkam, King Campus: NC(V) Info Tech & Computer Science
  • Mr Hloele, King Campus: SRC Representatives
  • Mr Mbongonya, King Campus:  IT Lecturer
  • Mr De Wet, Zwelitsha Campus: Senior Lecturer
  • Mr Stamper, Zwelitsha Campus: Senior Lecturer
  • Mr Mafanya, Zwelitsha Campus: NC(V) Electrical
  • Ms Kakaza, Zwelitsha Campus: Lecturer
  • Mr Ngalo, ZwelitshaCampus: SRC Representative
  • Ms Metuse, Secretary: Education Service

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