Lovedale Logo

Lovedale_logo_2015_1 (2) (2)

A logo design encapsulates everything that an organisation stands for, inspiring trust, loyalty, determination and confidence. The Lovedale logo is unique, as each part resembles structures that form part of the original Lovedale Alice Campus building.

The keystone top centre in the logo resembles the keystone at Alice Main building. The centre of the logo symbolises the clock that is directly under the keystone. The horizontal lines, as well as the round frame of the logo, are symbolic of the water font. The horizontal lines in the centre of the logo symbolise the zinc plates of the building.

Not only do the symbols have specific meaning, but the colours were also chosen for specific reasons. The ochre symbolises the colour of the “mud” that the Xhosa people smear on their faces. Since Lovedale has such a rich history and is based in the Eastern Cape, the colour was placed at the bottom of the logo, as a symbol of “where we come from”. It is also symbolic in terms of reminding us of Lovedale’s solid foundation. The blue colour was chosen as a symbol of new beginning for the college with its merger symbolising “reaching for the sky”, and this was rightly placed at the top of the logo.

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