Resource Centre

The newly upgraded Resource Centre situated at King Campus aims at providing access to relevant information resources for learning, teaching and research through application of communications technologies.

The Resource Centre consists of a growing collection of books, periodicals and audio visuals materials.

resource centre King Williams Town

Resource Centre King Williams Town

Services and facilities offered include:

  • circulation
  • short loans
  • reservations
  • photocopy
  • reader space for individual study (study carrels and tables).
  • two reference rooms reserved for all IT/Engineering and Business related information with two computers in each room for research and online catalogue access
  • An e-learning facility which houses forty-eight computers that gives students access to various software platforms, internet, email and printing.

The King Campus Resource Centre also includes the engineering collection (textbooks and DVDs) that is housed for the Zwelitsha Campus until their own infrastructure is in place.  Zwelitsha Campus educators have an access to our services.

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